Accounting Services

At FA Business Solution Ltd, we provide a friendly and highly professional service. Our strengths lie in our ability to offer quality of service, commitment and unlimited advice and support based on clients need.

We are based in east London, employing professionally qualified staff, providing assistance across the UK. FA Business Solutions is leading and energetic enterprise dealing with business matters that may require your attention. We have steadily grown our business base and professional reputation. FA Business Solutions Ltd is currently appointed by no of clients, including employed and self-employed individuals, as well as large companies. Our growth is largely due to the referrals given by our delighted clients, as a direct result of the continuous & excellent business services we provide for them.

If you are looking for a competitively priced accountancy service which includes company registration to SEO, or if you are in need of reliable business advice, please contact us to discuss how we can help you. We think you will agree that FA Business Solutions Ltd will offer you the best advice and the highest level of service tailored to your individual needs.

Further details about the range of services we offer can be found on the right side of the home page. Please send your request and one of our consultants will get in touch with you in 24 hours.

Accounts Preparation

All businesses, whether they be large or small, must produce annual accounts and have those submitted with the tax authorities. It is therefore imperative that these accounts are produced accurately and submitted in a timely fashion.

Utilising the latest software, coupled with our vast experience, ensures that these annual accounts are produced accurately and on time. This helps minimise the risk of unnecessary enquiries from HMRC and avoid penalties for late submission of records.

Although we recommend that our clients have regular management accounts produced, we appreciate that for many people the annual accounts are the only guide to the financial health of the business. In these circumstances we aim to provide the client with the accounts in a timely fashion so that they can serve as an important decision making tool. At such times we try to be as constructive and helpful as possible in preparing and submission on time.

With every limited company and limited liability partnership comes the LEGAL requirement to file accounts at Companies House. Failure to do so leads to automatic penalties of up to £1000 for private limited companies and £5000 for plc's. These accounts are however available to the public and your competitors. We can assist you fulfil these legal responsibilities, yet ensuring that only the minimum amount of information is available to your competitors. Corporation Tax Returns would also be prepared ensuring full compliance with the current legislation.

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Book Keeping Services

We offer facilities to maintain companies accounting records. This can be particularly attractive for smaller clients who either want to dispense with the "hassle" of routine day to day accounting work or alternatively for businesses where they have had major regulatory problems in the past and wish to ensure that those difficulties do not arise again in the future. Where we are involved in the maintenance of accounting records we would normally recommend that regular management accounts are prepared.

If records are kept in a proficient manner there is usually very little additional cost in producing regular financial statements and we feel strongly that such accounts are necessary if even the smallest business is to manage its activities properly.

Good bookkeeping is the foundation of accurate information. Whether that is a list of debtors, detailed sales figures or preparation for yearend accounts and tax returns. It is therefore important to know that this element of your business is being taken care of and responsibly controlled.

We can create online account where the day to day transactions can be uploaded onto our websites. Please contact FA Business Solutions for further details.

Please send your request and one of our consultants will get in touch with you in 24 hours.

IR 35 Solution

Our specialist IR35 accounting services are designed to save you as much tax as legally possible. As well as increasing your take home pay, you will receive a hassle free service so you'll have plenty of free time to spend your extra money. If you are a freelancer, contractor or self-employed person our specialist IR35 accounting services are likely to save you more time and money than anyone else

Keep More of What you Earn!

  • Take home pay up to 82%!
  • IR35 compliant, Managed ServiceCompany compliant
  • No joining or leaving charges
  • Total flexibility on contract periods
  • All Insurances included
  • All paperwork handled for you.
  • Real time information via online portal.

Ultimate contractor solution

  • Our IR35 contractor solution provides a higher return than operating through other structures such as limited company, umbrella or through PAYE.
  • No need to file annual accounts, vat returns or deal with paperwork. All of the administration is done for you – no more hassle!
  • IR35 and MSC compliant – so your risk is reduced, and no need to worry.

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Management Accounts

Management accounts are often the ingredient that governs whether a business fails or succeeds, whether it makes an excellent profit or minimal profit. Management accounts for a business that is going somewhere are not a choice, they are an essential element of success. These accounts are not just a profit and loss and balance sheet prepared on a monthly or quarterly basis. Management accounting should involve what is happening now, that will affect future outcomes.

With the financial year end accounts being prepared up to 9 months after the end of the period, it can be too late to rectify problems within the business. By preparing management accounts on a quarterly basis, trends and potential problems can be identified at an early stage and resolutions found. We can prepare accounts in a pre agreed format that gives you the information you want to manage the business. The format may well be different to that at the year end, with greater detail being provided on for example sales, or staff productivity.

Our management accounts will provide you with an invaluable insight as to how your business is really performing and will allow for you to quickly make solid business decisions based on our findings.

Please send your request and one of our consultants will get in touch with you in 24 hours.

Payroll Services

Running your own payroll can be time consuming and complicated, particularly with the ever increasing complexity of taxation and employment legislation. There is an increasing burden on business to comply with these issues and non-compliance can lead to substantial penalties.

We can prepare payrolls for businesses with 2 to 200 staff.

Our service is comprehensive, confidential and includes:

  • computer generated payslips
  • administration of PAYE, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, etc
  • completion of statutory forms (including year end returns)
  • summaries and analysis of staff costs
  • administration of incentive schemes, bonuses and ex-gratia termination payments.
  • Even if you only have a few employees, you will make savings by engaging us to administer your payroll.

Fabs can help with the following payroll services:

  • Monthly payroll service
  • Weekly payroll services
  • Dealing with HM Revenue and Customs in relation to payroll matters
  • The production of pay slips and reports
  • Completion on employers annual returns
  • Production of P11D's and other documentation
  • Specific payroll advice about the most efficient way to make payments to your employees.

In addition, we submit the majority of documents on line to HM Revenue and Customs meaning that we will claim the financial benefits offered by the government for online filing. This could be worth £££ to your business over the next 3 years.

Companies of all sizes find that it makes more financial sense to outsource their payroll administration. We offer a payroll service that is efficient and reliable, to help keep your staff happy and productivity high.

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For people running their own business whether it be a limited company or an unincorporated business, the annual completion of the tax return can be a daunting task. For a basic fee of £150 +VAT we will complete your tax return and submit this to H M Revenue and Customs advising you of your liability and dates by which it should be paid.We can help you with your self assessment no matter what your situation, including:

  • Self Employed
  • Partnerships
  • Company Directors

We will work to exploit all tax saving opportunities and can provide advice as well as tax compliance. Our vastly experienced tax department are veritable experts at minimising tax liability.

Further details about the range of services we offer can be found on the right side of the home page. Please send your request and one of our consultants will get in touch with you in 24 hours.

Please send your request and one of our consultants will get in touch with you in 24 hours.


VAT can be the bane of everyone affected by it, as the complex regime of regulations imposes a tremendous administrative burden on businesses. With the rate being so high, mistakes in calculating VAT can be costly. And the rigid system of penalties and interest charges for mistakes, or the late submission of returns, adds to that burden.

FABS can provide assistance with:

  • VAT registration
  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Flat rate scheme, cash accounting or annual VAT returns
  • VAT advice

Our cost-effective VAT compliance and planning services can relieve you of this burden. Our team of professionals will help to keep your VAT affairs in order and make sure you are collecting the right amounts for each transaction - as well as ensuring that you make payments and file returns correctly, and on time.

Please contact us to know further about VAT registration.

Please send your request and one of our consultants will get in touch with you in 24 hours.